We guide you, step by step, through the process of finding your perfect Mutt Match.

Dogs are amazing. They can bring happiness, adventure, and indescribable love into our lives. Dogs teach us to be present and enjoy life to the fullest. Those of us who have lived with our perfect Mutt Match have experienced the kind of partnership that touches our souls forever.

Sadly, finding the perfect dog can be difficult, stressful, and overwhelming. It is heartbreaking to walk into a shelter and see so many furry faces looking for love. How do you pick the "right" dog? What questions need to be asked to be sure the dog will fit into your home and lifestyle? How do you avoid bringing a dog into your family that isn't a good fit?

Our goal at Mutt Matchmaker is to guide you during the process of bringing a dog into your life. We are with you, every step of the way, helping you choose the perfect match and seamlessly integrate them into your home, so you can experience the joy of a perfect furever friend.


It all starts with our comprehensive in-home interview. As we discuss your vision for your perfect dog, we begin to identify specific behavioral and temperament characteristics that will make a dog a good fit for your lifestyle. We discuss energy level, activities, play and affection style, and your personality type as an owner.

Our comprehensive Mutt Matchmaking packages provide the specific level of guidance and support that you need to help navigate the process of finding and adopting a new dog.

Our Training Add-Ons allow you to customize your new dog's behavior to truly be a perfect match for your lifestyle.

Already have a dog, and just need a little help with behavior or training? Check our our behavioral consultation page for more information on how we can help you safely and confidently manage your furry friend.

Take the stress out of finding your perfect pooch

Customize your pup's skill-set to match your life

Manage more serious behaviors confidently and safely

Mutt Matchmaker with german shepherd and terrier


Shawna Renga began her professional career with dogs as a trainer for Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California. However, as old family videos can prove, Shawna was "training dogs" as early as age 3, when she used treats to lure her grandmother's poodle over jumps around the living room.

After working for almost 10 years at Guide Dogs, Shawna shifted her focus to the animal rescue community. As an active volunteer and foster provider, Shawna witnessed time and again as families struggled to choose a dog that fit their needs as a family. Seeing dogs get adopted in a cloud of happiness only to be returned days or weeks later in a cloud of sadness and tears inspired Shawna to start her own business. There had to be a better way!

The Mutt Matchmaker philosophy is centered around the idea that preparation and education are the keys to success when it comes to adopting a new dog. Much like a Realtor uses their knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process of buying a house, Shawna uses her experience in dog behavior and training to guide you through the process of finding a new dog.

Shawna believes that adding a dog to your family should be fun, joyful, relaxed, and easy, and she is committed to working with you to make sure that is the case!

When not Mutt Matchmaking, Shawna works as a Paramedic, teaching EMTs for the US Coast Guard. She loves spending each day with her dogs, hiking and enjoying the beauty of the Bay Area.

Dogs on the beach

"A multitude of small delights constitute happiness"

Charles Baudelaire