Once you find the pooch with the right personality for you, it's time to start customizing your pet's skill set to match your lifestyle. Whether you want a relaxed couch-potato or an enthusiastic pup-about-town, our training add on packages are designed to help you and your dog truly experience the joys of partnership. These packages are available to you as an add-on service to your Mutt Matchmaking package. If you're interested in purchasing training as a stand-alone service, check out our behavioral consultation page.

$250 Flat Rate

This package gets your new friend ready to be the perfect house-mate! By teaching a few key behaviors, you will be able to reliably show your dog how to properly act around the house. This flat-rate package includes as many sessions as necessary to establish a foundation in the following behaviors:

  • sit

  • down

  • off

  • go-to-bed/crate

  • polite door manners

  • leave it

  • stay

  • come when called

Cute Pug on Sofa
Hunting Dog

$250 Flat Rate

This package starts your pup off on the right paw towards enjoying peaceful and relaxing walks about town. This flat rate package includes as many sessions as necessary (with and without owner involvement) to establish a foundation in the following behaviors:

  • Loose leash walking

  • Polite greetings with both dogs and people

  • Confidence and relaxation while walking through busy areas or crowds

  • Settling next to a table at café/coffee shop

$250 for 3 Hours of Trail Time

Do you dream of enjoying the beauty of the Bay Area with your furry companion? This package includes up to 3 hours of work (typically in separate sessions) on a trail near your home, in order to establish a foundation in the following behaviors:

  • Introduction to reliable off-leash behavior

  • Managing trail interactions with other dogs, people, cyclists, and equestrians

  • “What if” scenarios including basic first canine aid, wildlife encounters, and owner injury

Winston is ready for some football.jpg

$250 Flat Rate

If your new bestie happens to be a puppy or young dog, we highly recommend adding our puppy package. This flat-rate package covers the necessary fundamentals of puppy ownership, so you and your puppy are ready to thrive together! Includes:

  • Intro to housebreaking

  • Crate training

  • Early Socialization

  • Focus and Attention

  • Basic Manners

  • Biting/Chewing/Mouthiness

  • Intro to leash walking